Vulure was established in 2012 by Seattle native Justin Jones who wanted to make a difference in the world of fashion by helping women feel more beautiful just the way they are. With help from fellow designer Jennifer Stanley, the first Vulure swimsuit designs were innovative and embodied the idea of designing specifically to help women feel secure and beautiful in a bikini. That esthetic continues today in all facets of Vulure’s portfolio.

Since its inception, Vulure has taken our slogan “Because All Women Are Beautiful Just The Way They Are” very seriously. In 2013 we began a campaign to bring focus to eating disorders with the “30 Days in a Bikini” video series, donated time and money to eating disorder non-profits, and participated in a “walk” for eating disorder victims. In addition to that, Vulure’s passion for helping men and women find their own kind of beautiful flourishes in our designs and company culture.

In 2014 Vulure started Elizabeth Jane to continue their swimwear line and started the non-profit organization What Is Real Beauty. Vulure’s ongoing mission to create fashion forward clothing and support the intrinsic beauty within each of us continues today.