Vulure has a passion for women. We value the inherent beauty of all women from all walks of life and want to make sure our voice is heard loud, “All Women Are Beautiful Just The Way They Are”. Despite the fact that there are endless possibilities of how a woman can portray herself as the beautiful person she naturally is, our culture and media still offer only a very small window of what is considered socially acceptable and that window is unimaginably unforgiving. The world of fashion is guilty of pushing these ideals, and it’s advertising is stuck in this degredating, unnatural cycle of creating the fantasy of the unachievable as if it is just one purchase away. Breaking this cycle is the highest priority for Vulure’s Non-profit organization “What Is Real Beauty”.

What Is Real Beauty focuses on telling the real story about beauty. In 2013 we began a campaign to bring focus to eating disorders with the “30 Days in a Bikini” video series, donated time and money to eating disorder non-profits, and participated in a “walk” for eating disorder victims. What Is Real Beauty will continue to make new informational and documentary style videos and push the envelope to find ways of spreading the message, all women are beautiful just the way they are.